You are drinking... #23

A 4.3% Ginger Porter! A very strange concoction I grant you

We brewed a rather splendid chocolaty porter and then added 1.5kg of shredded ginger root to the fermenter. A weird decision but the flavours complement each other - it tastes like winter

It's made of


Water taken from a deep well under our feet tapping into a chalk hills fed aquifer


Pale ale malt, crystal malt and chocolate malt


Keeping it Brexit: Fuggles and Progress


Fermentis - Safale US-05

It appears

Dark and clear. It's not been filtered, so there may be extra gingery and yeasty goodness if you're lucky

It smells

Strange. It's gingery but not overpowering. There's also some coffee smell kicked up from the roasted malt

It tastes

Fiery, chocolate, ginger and licorice. There's lots of body left, (1.0146) so the mouthfeel is bold and the flavour lasts for ages. The bitterness is 38 IBU, this doesn't take into account the weirdness of the ginger


We won't be brewing this beer again so enjoy it while you can. We are on untappd (the app) so give us a rate and say something. Happy New Year!

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