You are drinking... #15

A 6.3% West Coast IPA, one of around 750 pints available of this batch.

This time we've gone full yank, and we think we've trumped it. This type of IPA is quite dry, amber in colour, and pretty damn hoppy. (Think Sierra Nevada), but on a tiny scale.

It's made of


Water taken from a deep well under our feet tapping into a beautiful, chalk hills fed, aquifer. It's natural ergo healthy, right?


We've got Maris Otter pale malt, as well as light and dark crystal malt for a bit of body


Bittering - Chinook and Cascade (Both US)
Aroma - Summit and Sticklebract (US and NZ)
Dry Hop - Summit and Cascade (Both US)


Fermentis, Safale US-05 (American Ale Yeast)

It appears

Light amber, slightly orangy looking. It's been filtered so there won't be any floaters, we hope. If there are lucky you!

It smells

Hoppy, Malty, all the best things. The aroma of the summit and cascade hops are the most evident. Quite dank. Very dank.

It tastes

It doesn't taste as strong as it is. It's juicy and hoppy, but you'll feel it after a few, we did. There isn't an overpowering hop or malt flavour. We think it's alright anyway.


We won't be brewing this beer again so enjoy it while you can. The rate of brewing is soon to be increased so the batches will be coming by quickly. Try to keep up. If you like your citrus beers, the next one (#16) will be right up your street... Cheers!

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