We are back brewing once more after a short, I don't know, sabbatical? Essentially the other half of our brewery imploded... but we found an old bath tub so we are back at it!

You are drinking... #12

A 5.3% Light Craft Lager, one of around 900 pints available of this batch.

It's made of


Water taken from a bloody deep well under our feet tapping into a lovely, chalk hills fed, aquifer. All natural for a better beer.


We like to stick true to the historic British Malting in our area using the finest Extra Pale and Carapils Malts in this Lager to give it a crisp light colour.


Slight American influence with this one as we are using Cascade and Crystal hops with a twist of Slovenian Dana.


Lager Yeast. We know, exciting right?

It appears

Well, you can see for yourself.

It smells

Likewise; just use your nose.

It tastes

Up to you. Our tastebuds and preferences are all different anyway. It's meant to be a fruity Craft Lager with citrus hints and an almost floral nose. Drinks wonderfully on a hot day.

If you don't like it don't waste good time/energy/ingredients — maybe just give it to someone who will appreciate it.


No need for compliments or criticism — we didn't record how we made it so we can't change anything anyway and will never brew the same batch twice. Just remember to enjoy, socialise, and feel good — it's what the beer is there for!

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