You are drinking... #9

the first untitled lager… nearly 900 pints — one of our tasters liked it so much he decanted 2lts into a plastic bottle and has run off into the sunset. Ingredients from the Americas and Europe. ABV 5.3%

It's made of


Still drawn from our own bloody deep well under our feet tapping into a lovely, chalk hills fed, aquifer. Think hundreds of years of natural filtration. England’s contribution to this global styled lager.


Extra pale ale and carapil malts.


Dana from Solvenia. Cascade and Crystal — the best from the USA — and we could all do with something positive from that side of the Atlantic! The former should have contributed pine and floral influences and the latter, citrusy notes. Only whole leaf hop is used.


Fermentis SAF lager yeast. Imbues floral and fruit aroma and is meant to contribute to clean flavouring — your call. Fermented at 12°C and lagered at 1°C for four weeks.

Other Stuff

Still waiting for the kegging machine… getting bored with our current ‘Heath Robinson’ approach.

It appears

Well, you can see for yourself.

It smells

Likewise; just use your nose.

It tastes

Up to you. Our tastebuds and preferences are all different anyway. It's meant to be a clean, well balanced modern global lager with bitterness complemented by sweetness.

If you don't like it don't waste good time/energy/ingredients — maybe just give it to someone who will appreciate it.


No need for compliments or criticism — bit bored by all this beer pontification — beer is for drinking preferably with friends who don’t spend their entire life over-analysing things.

Enjoy, socialise, and feel good — it's why we brew!

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