You are drinking... #14

A 5.8% "experimental" Stout, one of around 850 pints available of this batch.

It's made of


Water taken from a deep well under our feet tapping into a lovely, chalk hills fed, aquifer.


We like to stick true to the historic British Malting in our area using the finest Pale Malt, Crystal 150 and 400, for body and colour, as well as a large dollop of Chocolate Malt. We added the Chocolate Malt after the mash, just before the sparge to try to extract lots of colour without it going fully astringent.


We've gone for Bramling Cross (UK), Chinook (US) and Summit (US). The Bramling Cross and Chinook were used for bittering, and then a combination of the lot were chucked in at the end of the boil for aroma. Lots of Summit for the grapefruit, passionfruit flavour.


Fermentis, Safale US-05 (American Ale Yeast)

It appears

Pretty dark, but you'll have seen darker stouts. Very deep red, if held to the light. Not creamy - like other stouts, as we didn't used any nitrogen this time.

It smells

A strong roasted malt smell is obvious. Coffee, chocolate, roasted nuts. There is a mild licorice smell, not uncommon in stouts. Also quite fruity, from the hops. Commonly, aroma hops are not present in high quantities in stouts, so the mix between hops and malt aroma is quite different to your run of the mill stout. You'll be able to smell the hops better once it's warmed up a bit.

It tastes

Surprisingly drinkable for its strength. There's a mild sweetness and strong bitterness, from both the hops and the dark malts. Lingering bitterness at the back of the mouth. Hoppy and fruity on the tongue. Strong black coffee aftertaste.


We won't be brewing this beer again so enjoy it while you can. The rate of brewing is soon to be increased so the batches will be coming by quickly. Try to keep up. We're aiming for something very different for the next batch... Cheers!

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