You are drinking... #22

A 4.5% IPL, or hybrid IPA and lager, one of around 750 pints available of this batch.

This is like your standard lager, if someone accidentally dropped a load of extra hops in at all points during the brew. So it's bitter, got a hoppy smell and it's very refreshing.

It's made of


Water taken from a deep well under our feet tapping into a chalk hills fed, aquifer.


Pale Ale malt and some lovely, biscuity Cara-malt


Our old friends Bramling Cross and Challenger.


Fermentis, Saflager S-23 (German lager Yeast)

It appears

A very clear light gold, with a soft head. Filtered I'm afraid - sorry Shoreditch.

It smells

Like a lager, but different to the rest. If you like a refreshing lager, but are bored of the same old same old, we've got your back. A subtle but evident hop aroma - bit of lime and grapefruit.

It tastes

Nicely malty. There is a lot of body left in this beer so it's got a full mouthfeel. It's also bitter - twice as bitter as San Miguel - so it will cater to the ale drinker as well as the lager connoisseur. Very drinkable I reckon.


We won't be brewing this beer again so enjoy it while you can. We are on untappd (the app) so give us a rate and say something. If you hate it, even more of a reason. We love a laugh. Cheers!

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