You are drinking... #17

A 4.4% Unfiltered, New English Bitter, one of around 750 pints available of this batch.

This one is proper weird. It's completely different from anything else we've ever tried so sorry if it sucks. We have gone for a lower ABV and lots of English hops, to see just what it's like using local stuff rather than that American madness.

It's made of


Water taken from a deep well under our feet tapping into a chalk hills fed, aquifer.


We've got Maris Otter base malt and lots of 150L crystal malt (20%). We mashed in at 69°C so lots of malt character is still in the beer (gravity 1.015 - if you like the nerdy stuff)


Bittering - Bramling Cross (UK)
Aroma - Bramling Cross (UK)
Dry Hop - Bramling Cross (UK)

Bramling Cross get a pretty hard time in the brewing world for being boring as. It's definitely not as stanky as #16, but the bitterness is off the chart at 80 IBU.


Fermentis, Safale US-05 (American Ale Yeast)

It appears

Dark ruby colour. It's unfiltered so you probably can't see through it. We didn't want to strip out any of the juicy goodness. And unfiltered means it's well craft right?

It smells

Mild coffee and chocolate from the crystal malt. Pretty hoppy, and kind of medicinal (not sure that's a good thing). I don't think the aroma does it justice, because it tastes great.

It tastes

Smooth. It's very sweet and bitter, which balance each other out well. It tastes sweet initially, then bitter once you've swallowed. The hops give off a blackcurrant taste and are quite subtle. And, unlike lots of our previous beers, you can probably have a fair few before you're completely trollied.


We won't be brewing this beer again so enjoy it while you can. We are on untappd (the app) so give us a rate and say something. If you hate it, even more of a reason. Cheers!

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