You are drinking... #10

An Anglo-Kiwi Pale Ale
Three or so barrels worth so when it's gone, it's definitely gone!

It's made of


Chalk filtered pure water drawn from a depth equivalent to the height of Nelson’s Column.


Pale Ale and Crystal malts from East Anglia where the new season’s Winter barley is starting to really get going in the fields – let’s hope we are still brewing when it’s time for its harvesting and malting and don't blow up any more of the brewery.


Pacific Gem from New Zealand – a triploid alpha type (grrrr) – has a great tempered bitterness with an alpha acid around 13-15% You may smell hints of spicy black pepper and berry fruits and get hints of oak and pine (essence of Hobbit Land). Also added some First Gold to enhance the spices and give a hint of orange marmalade – did it work? – up to you!


A British Ale Yeast – another fast fermenter – in theory at least but, by way of a confession, the temperature is a bit all over the place at the moment so the fact that the brew tastes pretty fine is a bit of a miracle.

Other Stuff

Getting light in the morning now – warms the soul!

It appears

Well, you can see for yourself.

It smells

Likewise; just use your nose.

It tastes

Up to you. Our tastebuds and preferences are all different anyway. It's meant to be a smooth double chill filtered refreshing Pale ale.

As always, if you don't like it don't waste good time/energy/ingredients — maybe just give it to someone who will appreciate it.


No need for compliments or criticism — bit bored by all this beer pontification — beer is for drinking preferably with friends who don’t spend their entire life over-analysing things.

Enjoy, socialise, and feel good — it's why we brew!

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